How Long Before I Will See Results?


Everyone is different and each person may be looking for different results. For example:

  1. Fat loss
  2. Inch loss
  3. Muscle gain
  4. Improved mobility
  5. Increased anaerobic/aerobic conditioning
  6. Rehabilitation of an injury
  7. Competitive advantage

Results require class attendance and lifestyle changes. Many see result with in a few weeks and others will see the results you have achieved with in six months.


With continued lifestyle changes and class attendance you can expect to see a transformation in the way you look and feel every six months.


What results are you looking for?




Michelle J. Results


  • Before and After Michelle J
  • I started Green Strength along with Brazilian Jiu Jistu in May of 2014. My goal was to strengthen my competitive edge by gaining muscle strength, increased mobility and dropping a weight class for competition. The Green Strength program has more than helped me achieve these goals and I continue to strive for additional goals.



    March 2015 I took first place in the NAGA North American Grappling Association competition in Portland, Oregon in my weight class.


    Michelle J.
    Seaside, Oregon