What is Green Strength?


Green Strength is not crossfit. It is not an exercise program. It is not just a workout or exercise gym Green Strength is a LIFE STYLE.


Green Strength was founded by Lucius C. Tirey IV in 2013.


"After years of experimentation, Lucius began eliminating non-efficient methods and practices that have plagued our kind all over the world from reaching their true, full potential, honing in on what actually makes us stronger, healthier and happier. Supplements, splits, programs, diets, and exercise progressions out there generally miss the mark, and destroy the art of achieving TRUE HEALTH.


HEALTH and STRENGTH both mentally and physically are what the Green Strength program are after.


Green Strength principles are based on proper progression of human movement, intensity, frequency; the whole sha-bang! We start at your current level of fitness, training each client based on individual needs and goals…Green Strength is for everyone, no two people are the same. You should be treated as such.


Invest in yourself by joining the Green Strength movement and help rebuild our kind while we continue to reestablish what it means to move – think – perform – AND LIVE!


-Lucius C. Tirey IV"



Mission Statement


The Adamson Bros mission is to uplift-consciousness and awareness, while enhancing ones performance in sport or life through exercise. We believe in the usage of earth-grown nutrients, time-tested strength training, and mindful movement and ‘play’ time in Mother Nature used together to create a happier – healthier – community!


How is Green Strength Different
from other Ftiness Gyms?


The Green Strength program focuses on life style that supports you!


This life style also contributes to losing fat in a healthy way and keeping off!







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