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Introducing the truth about weight loss, building lean muscle and getting that strong toned look in the most natural way possible. Adamson Bro Sports Performance Programs are nothing like that has ever been offered at any fitness gyms the Seaside, Astoria or Clatsop County area.


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Reaching Your Goals


Everyone has different long and short term fitness goals. If you have prior or even current injuries this is addressed in a personal consultation before you start your exercise program. Helping you reach your goals through continued personal consultations to shed pounds, rehab an old injury, gain cardio endurance, get ripped, improve health, or just have fun.


Let Adamson Bro Sports Performance and Fitness Gym help you reach your goals!

Start today and start on the path reaching your goals!


"On Ramp" Intro - Foundations Classes

On Ramp was designed to teach you how to move yourself and external objects efficiently. We’ll go into why Sports Performance works, how it works, and how we should be eating to fuel this type of activity and our lives.


All sessions include warm up, skill review and new skill teaching, a workout, warm down and some conversation about nutrition, performance, or performance related topic. Skill development will be emphasized before joining our group Green Strength classes.


We will begin with the non-technical and steadily progress to the more technical. Attendance is required for all 8 sessions. Each session will be building a foundation for a healthier, stronger you then ever before, no matter your age or background. Upon graduation from On Ramp, you will be ready to attend the Green Strength and Sports Performance classes.


"Green Strength" Group Classes

Green Strength principles are based on proper progression of human movement, intensity, frequency; the whole sha-bang! We start at your current level of fitness, training each client based on individual needs and goal. Green Strength is for everyone, and we know no two people are the same. You should be treated as such. Invest in yourself by joining the Green Strength movement.

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"I've lost over 30 pounds since I started training. Movements I couldn't do before are now easy. I'm stronger and have so much energy! Adamson Bros has helped me get back to life!"


Results Caryn

Photographer: Dyton Galliher

Caryn B.
Occupational Therapist
Seaside Providence Hospital


"They don't just build champion caliber athletes. They make championship people."

Dan Leary
USAW Coach
Seaside High School
Strength & Conditioning Coach


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